Ecological Departure

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This property allows users to define reference conditions such that the model can evaluate ecological departure from those conditions over time. ST-Sim uses the same approach to departure calculation as that used for evaluating Fire Regime Condition Class (FRCC).

The Ecological Departure property has two separate inputs:

1. Options for how often to report Ecological Departure and whether a specific transition attribute such as cost should be tracked alongside departure; and

2. Reference Conditions that specify the reference state distribution of the landscape against which model outputs will be evaluated.

The fields for the Reference Conditions are:

Primary Stratum

The primary stratum (Vegetation Type by default) for which the reference condition record applies.

State Class

The state class for which the reference condition record applies.

Relative Amount

The relative area expected in this stratum-state class combination under reference conditions. This can be expressed as an absolute area (e.g. acres), or alternatively as a relative area (e.g. proportion or percent of the stratum).