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The File menu allows you to do the following:

  • manage your SyncroSim libraries, folders and
  • create new libraries and folders within SyncroSim
  • save changes to your libraries
  • add and remove modules

Below is a description of each of the File submenus.

New Library


Select File|New Library... to create a new blank Syncrosim library.

When you create a new blank Syncrosim library you are prompted to specify the type of Model and a name and target location for the new ssim file associated with this library; Syncrosim will then create this new ssim file automatically for you. Once created, the resulting blank library will begin with no projects or scenarios.

Open Library

File|Open Library launches the Open Library dialog; navigate to and select the Syncrosim project with which you wish to work, and click Open to have it display in main Syncrosim window. Note that you can have more than one library open at a time.


Select the File|Close option to close an open library; if you have unsaved changes in the library, a message will appear to prompt you to save them.

Close All

File|Close All will close all open libraries at once; if you have unsaved changes in any of these libraries, you will be prompted to save them.

Save All

Select File|Save All to save all changes made to all currently opened libraries (since the last File|Save All).

New Folder

Select File|New Folder to create a new sub-folder.

Each library or project can contain one or more nested folders. To add a new folder to your library or project, use the Library Explorer to select the existing folder under which you wish to create a new sub-folder; then use this menu item to create the new sub-folder. This menu item is only available when the Library Explorer window is active. You can also use the context menu in the Library Explorer to create a new folder by right clicking on the library, project or folder where you would like to create the sub-folder and selecting New | Folder....

Library Properties

Select File | Library Properties... to make any changes to the options associated with the active library.

The Library Properties editor lists all of the options associated with the current library. This includes the name, size and location of the library ssim file, any add-ons that are active or available for the library, and options associated with multiprocessing, file storage and spatial files.

Compact Library

The Compact Library menu will rebuild the ssim library file, repacking it into a minimal amount of disk space. Depending on the size of your library this option may take several minutes or longer to complete.



The Modules... screen allows you to view modules that are installed alongside your core SyncroSim version. On this screen you can also choose to add or remove modules. To add a module you will be prompted to navigate to the corresponding *.ssimpkg file. Note that in future you will be able to download and install modules from this screen. For now, if you would like to find out about available modules and how to obtain them contact


File|Exit closes all open libraries and exits Syncrosim; if you have unsaved changes in any libraries, you will be prompted to save them.