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The Scenario Manager is responsible for managing all of the model inputs and outputs associated with a SyncroSim model. The main window of the Scenario Manager lists all of the open Libraries, along with the project's, scenarios, dependencies and results it contains. Each scenario in this list is identified with a unique Scenario ID in square brackets. These values are automatically generated by SyncroSim and cannot be edited.

A + sign to the left of a scenario name indicates that the scenario contains additional information in one or more subfolders. Click on the + sign to expand the tree and see the additional information. The Results subfolder contains a list of the results scenarios associated with the parent scenario; each results scenario corresponds to a single model run of the parent scenario. The Dependencies folder lists all of the scenarios upon which the parent scenario is dependent.

A right-click context-sensitive menu provides access to all menu options that are available from the Scenario Manager window.