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In addition to the standard Windows user interface for SyncroSim, it is also possible to run SyncroSim from the command-line, under both the Windows and Linux operating systems. This command-line Application Programming Interface (API) allows SyncroSim to be fully controlled using other programming languages, including Python and R.

rsyncrosim sample script

The simplest way to run SyncroSim from the command-line is to use the R programming language, in conjunction with the open-source rsyncrosim R package. This R package is designed to make it simple to script modeling workflows for SyncroSim in R, by providing functions that allow users to create models from scratch, populate those models with inputs, run the models for multiple scenarios, and access both spatial and tabular model output. The package is designed to work with any SyncroSim module, including the ST-Sim module for developing and running state-and-transition simulation models of landscape change.

A key feature of the rsyncrosim package is its ability to work seamlessly with the SyncroSim user interface. By integrating model scripting and visualization, users can interactively explore and validate their models in the user interface as they step through their R code, and at the same time generate a permanent, repeatable record of their entire modeling workflow – including both pre- and post-processing of model inputs and outputs – in an R script.

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