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The Scenario Editor allows users to view and edit the values assigned to each property for a particular scenario. To open the Scenario Editor, select one or more scenarios in the Scenario Manager and then select the File|Open Scenario menu option to open the Scenario Editor.


The Scenario Editor displays information about the selected scenario organized according to the following 8 tabs:


Contains descriptive information about the scenario.

Run Control

Displays model inputs for the Run Control property

Transition Pathways

Displays model inputs for the Deterministic Transitions and Probabilistic Transitions properties. These properties are displayed together graphically through box-and-arrow Transition Pathways.

Initial Conditions

Displays model inputs for the Initial Conditions properties

Transition Targets

Displays model inputs for the Transition Targets property

Output Options

Displays model inputs for the Output Options property


Displays model inputs for all remaining scenario properties, including:

Data Sources

Lists all of the available scenario properties and the source of the parameter values for each property.

Summary Tab

The fields and options on the Summary tab are:


Provide a descriptive name for the scenario.


Identify the author of the scenario.


Include an optional description of the scenario here.


Check the Read only option to protect the scenario from further editing of scenario details and properties.

Project details

Shows the name of the project that contains the open scenario, and the date on which the last edits to the scenario were saved.

For results scenarios a Run Log button will appear providing access to the run log for the scenario run (as first displayed on the Task Monitor).

Data Sources Tab

The Data Sources tab lists all properties for the current scenario, indicating which properties have data and the source scenario for those data. Double-clicking on a property will display the values for the corresponding property.

Editing Properties

All property values displayed in a tabular grid can be exported/imported for editing in Excel. A context menu on each grid provides options for exporting and importing data; to access this menu, right-click anywhere on one of the grids. The options that are available on the menu will depend upon whether or not you have selected individual records.


Deletes selected records from the data grid. You can select individual records by left-clicking in the gray margin at the left edge of the grid (Ctrl-Click to select multiple records).

Delete All

Use the Delete All option to remove all records from the grid.


Populates the data grid by importing information from an external Excel file; the fields in the Excel file must match those from the models in your project.

When you import records into a grid, Syncrosim gives you the option to Overwrite (replace) any existing records or to Append the new records to the list of existing records.


Exports selected records in the data grid to an Excel file that is ready for editing. You can select individual records in the grid by left-clicking in the gray margin at the left edge of the grid (Ctrl-Click to select multiple records). If no records in the grid are selected, the only export option on the menu will be to Export All records.

When a grid is empty, you can use Export to create a blank Excel template for entering new records which can then be imported into the grid. This export option is particularly helpful for those who prefer to use Excel as their property editor.  

Export All

Use the Export All option to send all records in the grid to an Excel file.

Optional Fields

At the bottom of the context menu, there is a list of optional property fields that are hidden by default. Click on any of these to display them. Once a property field has data, it will be displayed by default.