Scenario dependencies

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The concept of a scenario in SyncroSim is modular. Users are able to create a series of sub-scenarios, each containing data for only a subset of properties. Typically sub-scenarios are created for those properties that are re-used repeatedly in a variety of simulations, e.g., a suite initial conditions might form a reusable sub-scenario. Full scenarios – i.e. scenarios with all of the necessary properties required in order to run the model – can then be created by combining several sub-scenarios.

Creating a full scenario from one or more sub-scenarios is accomplished in SyncoSim by defining a dependency between the full scenario and each of its sub-scenarios. To establish a dependency, simply drag the sub-scenario onto the full scenario in the Library Explorer; SyncroSim will automatically add a Dependencies folder to the full scenario to show this relationship. The values displayed for each property field of the full scenario will be automatically updated to reflect the dependency.

Note that the order of dependencies matters – in the situation where a full scenario contains multiple dependencies, those dependencies listed at the top of the Dependencies folder take precedence over those further down (with the parent scenario having highest priority of all). The priority of dependencies can be modified by dragging and dropping the scenarios within the Dependencies folder.

Details of the dependencies associated with each scenario can also be viewed on the Data Sources tab of the Scenario Editor.