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Syncrosim Lite with DG-Sim module

In addition to the full version of SyncroSim, it is also possible to work with SyncroSim models using the much simpler SyncroSim Lite user interface. The purpose of SyncroSim Lite is to make SyncroSim models accessible to a non-technical audience.

Any SyncroSim model can be published for display in SyncroSim Lite as follows:

  1. A model developer uses the full version of SyncroSim to develop their simulation model.
  2. The model developer decides which of their complete suite of SyncroSim model inputs and outputs will be accessible to non-technical users.
  3. The model developer also tags one or more model “base” scenarios in their SyncroSim Library to be published for their non-technical audience.
  4. When a non-technical user then opens this same SyncroSim Library – this time using the simplified SyncroSim Lite interface – the user is provided with the developer’s same full model, including the "base" scenarios, but with access only to a subset of the complete suite of model inputs and outputs.
  5. Users can load and modify one or more of these inputs for the “base” scenarios, rerun their modified scenarios, save their new scenarios, and view the results in tabular, chart and map formats.