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A library in SyncroSim is a SQLite file with an ssim extension containing a suite of model projects. A library can be opened using the File menu. The contents of a library can be viewed using the Library Explorer.


A project in SyncroSim contains a suite of related models, along with one or more user-defined scenarios of model inputs for these models. Projects can also store model run results. All of the models in a single project must use a common set of project definitions.


A scenario is a suite of user-defined model inputs; it can also optionally contain model outputs if the scenario has been run through the model. Scenarios are organized according to scenario properties.

Every SyncroSim project consists of one or more scenarios, organized by folders in the Library Explorer. There are several types of scenarios:

Full scenario

Consists of all of the inputs required to run the model


Consists of a subset of the input values required to run the model

Results scenario

Consists of model outputs associated with a run of the model, along with a read-only copy of all the model inputs and a run log of the results of the model run


Each SyncroSim scenario consists of a suite of model inputs, organized according to scenario properties. Each scenario property is, in turn, broken down into property fields. A scenario is created by assigning parameter values to each of the property fields. Note that many property fields are optional and can be left blank. By default, optional fields are hidden. To display hidden fields, right click on the tabular property and a list of hidden optional fields will appear. Click on the optional field you would like to display. Once a property field has data, it will by default be shown when the property editor is opened.