Transition Pathways

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The Pathways tab on the Scenario Editor window provides access to pathway diagrams. The pathway diagrams are designed to allow users to visualize and edit box-and-arrow diagrams of two key scenario properties: Deterministic Transitions and Probabilistic Transitions.

For each stratum defined for the project, this screen displays deterministic and probabilistic transition pathways as a series of pathway diagrams. A separate pathway diagram is displayed for each stratum, with the tabs at the bottom of the screen allowing users to move between strata. The boxes in each pathway diagram represent state classes, while the lines represent transition pathways(green lines are deterministic transitions and blue lines are probabilistic transitions).

The context menu for any pathway diagram provides various options for editing pathway diagrams; right-click anywhere on a pathway diagram to access the following menu items:

The last 2 bottom tabs at the bottom of the screen, labeled All Deterministic Transitions and All Probabilistic Transitions, are special tabs. These 2 tabs provide a tabular display of the Deterministic Transitions and Probabilistic Transitions properties for all strata combined. Like the other grid-based properties, right-clicking on these grids provides the option to edit the transition pathways using Excel.